Vitamin E and Coffee Scrubs


CuppaJoe DOESN'T add Vitamin E to it's Coffee Scrubs!  

What are they thinking!!

Well of course we do, there's huge amounts of it in all our scrubs - we just don't add Vitamin E oil. Why would we?  Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is packed with Vitamin E, way more than your skin could ever absorb, it's also packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, zinc and proteins...As well as minerals and other vitamins, making it perfect for your skin, hair and through absorption, your heart.  And let's face it, our Organic Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil are also packed with natural Vitamin E.

So why add Vitamin E Oil?  Well it sounds good - otherwise it's utterly pointless. Any producer of Coffee Scrubs KNOWS that so why do it..?  They rather hope YOU don't.  It's rather like adding water to a glass of water to make it more watery.  We'll let you decide what their motivation is.

We believe, actually we know - you've told us, that you buy Coffee Scrubs because they are Natural and honest, because you want to know and control what goes on your skin. So here's a thought...Our Sweet Almond Oil is Organic and cold pressed from the nuts of the Almond tree...Exactly what tree did the Vitamin E Oil come from?  Just how did they 'extract' the Vitamin E?  What chemical processes did they use....AND would they even tell us?  

CuppaJoe Body Scrubs....  We don't patronise, we just use Natural products.

A Mum to be......?

Coffee Scrubs and pregnancy…..?

Should you or shouldn’t you? 

Let’s face it, if you’re allowed to drink coffee whilst waiting for the little one to arrive, you can rub it on your skin.  Unless your Doc. has said otherwise it’s OK, so get in the shower and look after your skin.

Yeah, your skin absorbs the caffeine but compare to a mug of coffee it’s tiny – so no worries.  The benefits are huge.  The oils and caffeine will help your skin deal with the stretching and reduce possible scarring later.  That’s going to make you feel better and you’re going to send those happy thoughts to the little one.

BUT…Stick to Coffee & Coconut until the second and third trimester.  The only question mark lies over the use of essential oils and just talking about them opens up a huge debate.  CuppaJoe only uses CITRUS oils and the British NHS ‘generally’ considers them to be safe and the benefits to massively outweigh any risks.

Here are the NHS guidelines for midwives…

Importantly they emphasis the use of high quality oils – that’s so important and CuppaJoe only uses the very best.  Any impurity is a big no.

Why?  Your skin actively absorbs the oils and they enter your body.  In fact any chemical you use on your skin can enter your system.  It’s so important to read the LABELS, take a quick look at some of the products that are out there for your skin…Some of the ingredients you (well…me) can’t actually pronounce!  They are entering your body and passing through your liver and kidneys.

It’s the same with essential oils…Your baby will absorb the oils you put on your skin and in the first 3 months (first trimester) this is generally regarded as bad.  After that…ONLY citrus oils.

If you want naturally perfect skin…Use a natural product – If the ingredients have been made in a chemical refinery you simply know it’s not right.

Coconut oil is just coconut oil....Right? Nope, wrong.

Not all coconut oil is the same.  The cheapest come from plantations in the tropics and are harvested by poorly paid workers, some living in appalling conditions.  Pesticides and man-made fertilisers are systematically used in the coconut production.

Organic coconut oil is better, you are least know that no man-made chemicals were used growing the the 'nuts'.  Sadly it stops there.  The cheapest way to extract the oil is to chop up the coconuts and then add caustic chemicals to harvest the oil.  The flesh of the coconut is dissolved and the oil extracted using another combination of chemicals.  They can still be sold as 'organic' because they were grown 'organically' 

Better is 'cold pressed'.  Just like olive oil, the coconuts are pressed slowly to extract the oil.  No chemicals are used.  Even better is 'Extra Virgin' cold pressed.  Again just like olive oil this is the most time consuming process, expensive and produces the very best Coconut oil.

Cuppa Joe Body Scrubs only uses Fairtrade Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - it's the best, why compromise when it's for your skin?

So……Just what goes into Coffee Body Scrubs? – The sneaky stuff!!!

OK, so you know we all use coffee and now you know why some use Robusta coffee rather than Arabica.  That’s all about profit rather than quality and some might say ‘that’s business’, we don’t.

But there’s an even better way to make profit from a packet of Coffee Scrub – sell people tap water.  Tap water is pretty cheap, if we could get (we wouldn’t!) say 60gms or more water into your pack we’d make an extra £4 for nothing!

Now, you use Coffee Body scrubs in the bath or shower – you’re already wet, you’re going to leave it on for at least 5 minutes so the coffee is getting all the water it needs from your skin – there’s no need to add any more, that’s just greedy and more than a little wrong.  If you want to pay £4 for 12 teaspoons of tap water that’s fine but it does cause one more serious problem, decay.

Once wet, microbes attack the coffee grounds.  Coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal properties, so do many other oils but they’re not enough.  To avoid the scrub rotting in the pack you’re going to have to add ‘preservatives’.  Those are the ‘nasties’ that they say they don’t add and yes, there are ways to hide them too.

Check the pack.  If the ingredients/contents contain ‘Aqua’ or ‘water’ – You know what you’re buying.  Your choice, Cuppa Joe contains NO added water – or even that posh stuff called ‘Aqua’.

So……Just what goes into Coffee Body Scrubs?

That’s possibly the most important question when you’re about to part with your money.

What makes one scrub different from another?

Surely, they’re all pretty much they same?

Well no actually.  As in all things they can be very different…

Let’s take the Coffee element first and the big debate about ‘Robusta’ and ‘Arabica’ Coffee.  Which is better?

Robusta is put forward by some as the best coffee to use, in fact the leading brands use it….So it must be better?   It does have a high caffeine content, much higher than Arabica, so surely that makes it a winner?  Well no.  The skin can only absorb so much caffeine, in fact it only absorbs a small percentage of even the Arabica’s caffeine – so it makes no difference.  Robusta is easy to grow and therefore cheap, it costs on average 60% less than Arabica Coffee.  Robusta contain no natural lipids, smells like burnt car tires and is used almost exclusively for budget ground coffee and instant coffee.

Arabica contains natural lipid, more than enough caffeine and smells like coffee should, it’s not cheap but then neither is your skin.

Cuppa Joe uses Arabica because it’s simply better, others use Robusta to increase their profit margin and you guys get to choose which to use on your skin.

Why Sea salt....?

Well....Why not?

Firstly, it's unrefined so it has no nasties that come with the processing of rock salt and because it's unrefined it has over 50 trace elements such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.   These help keep the balance of your electrolytes Perfect.

Secondly, your skin and sea water have an neutral balance.  The salts, as well as exfoliating, absorb wastes and can be washed away when you rinse.  Not only that, but sea salt is lower in sodium than rock salt - that's good if you eat it but just as good when it come into contact with your skin.

Thirdly, the very nature of the salt is 'flakes' not small hard crystals.  Flakes are kinder and easier to rub against your skin

We don't use rock salt, yes there's some groovy types of rock salt out there that sound great and look great too - Himalayanrock salt for instance.  BUT, they're all still rock salt.

When it comes to your skin only use the best, Sea Salt.  

Coumarin....Rat Poison in cosmetics

Coumarin in cosmetics?

Why put this stuff in something we rub on our skin? Why put Coumarin into a cosmetic? Well it's simple really - It's cheap, has a scent, can mask other scents. 

It has a high toxicity, can be absorbed through the skin, the data is starting to link it with cancer, just nasty stuff.  They actually use it as a rat poison, think about that for a moment.

It's banned in the USA in food and Germany are looking to ban it too - and yet it's slipped into cosmetics....

OK, some are naturally occurring, cinnamon has Coumarin in but they're adding man made Coumarin to the very things we rub on our skin, and it's legal.  

Perhaps worse, it's linked to skin allergies and contact dermatitis.  Nice ingredient for a skin product.

So read the label, this stuff is out there and being used by people who care more about profit than products.

Coconut Oil.

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is an incredible product...No, it really is.  Thanks to high levels of ‘Lauric Acid’ it’s antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.  Lauric Acid is the main active ingredient found in mothers’ milk.

So what is it?

It’s made from the white flesh of the Coconut.  Ours is cold pressed – squeezed if you like – to extract the oils without using heat.  The cheaper oils come from dried coconut called Copra.  Copra is heated and chemicals are used to extract the oil…Bleach is then used to whiten it – all very nasty.

Rest assured, we always use Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil...A long name but worth it!

3 Trillion.........!!!

Just found out that over 3 TRILLION Microbeads enter the environment every year........And that's a conservative estimate.

This has to stop...We have to stop it...That means you.

Please...Don't use products with Microbeads, Yes, I know those products may seem cheap but in the long term their deadly expensive.  We can never rid the planet of the Microbeads already in our seas, lets try not to add any more.


Stay Natural

Cuppa Joe

Micro Beads

Micro Beads!!


Why do we use them?  Lets face it, these tiny little beads last for ever - they're so small we can never remove them from the environment, ever.  Fish swallow them and then we eat them.

Do we simply deserve a wrecked planet, do we get the planet we deserve?

Please stop using them, they're unnecessary, unsound and darn right nasty.  

Use Coffee Body Scrubs, Yeah, they need a wash down afterwards but in every way possible they're better for you and this beautiful Earth of ours.


Stay Natural. 

Cuppa Joe