Coumarin....Rat Poison in cosmetics

Coumarin in cosmetics?

Why put this stuff in something we rub on our skin? Why put Coumarin into a cosmetic? Well it's simple really - It's cheap, has a scent, can mask other scents. 

It has a high toxicity, can be absorbed through the skin, the data is starting to link it with cancer, just nasty stuff.  They actually use it as a rat poison, think about that for a moment.

It's banned in the USA in food and Germany are looking to ban it too - and yet it's slipped into cosmetics....

OK, some are naturally occurring, cinnamon has Coumarin in but they're adding man made Coumarin to the very things we rub on our skin, and it's legal.  

Perhaps worse, it's linked to skin allergies and contact dermatitis.  Nice ingredient for a skin product.

So read the label, this stuff is out there and being used by people who care more about profit than products.