So……Just what goes into Coffee Body Scrubs?

That’s possibly the most important question when you’re about to part with your money.

What makes one scrub different from another?

Surely, they’re all pretty much they same?

Well no actually.  As in all things they can be very different…

Let’s take the Coffee element first and the big debate about ‘Robusta’ and ‘Arabica’ Coffee.  Which is better?

Robusta is put forward by some as the best coffee to use, in fact the leading brands use it….So it must be better?   It does have a high caffeine content, much higher than Arabica, so surely that makes it a winner?  Well no.  The skin can only absorb so much caffeine, in fact it only absorbs a small percentage of even the Arabica’s caffeine – so it makes no difference.  Robusta is easy to grow and therefore cheap, it costs on average 60% less than Arabica Coffee.  Robusta contain no natural lipids, smells like burnt car tires and is used almost exclusively for budget ground coffee and instant coffee.

Arabica contains natural lipid, more than enough caffeine and smells like coffee should, it’s not cheap but then neither is your skin.

Cuppa Joe uses Arabica because it’s simply better, others use Robusta to increase their profit margin and you guys get to choose which to use on your skin.