So……Just what goes into Coffee Body Scrubs? – The sneaky stuff!!!

OK, so you know we all use coffee and now you know why some use Robusta coffee rather than Arabica.  That’s all about profit rather than quality and some might say ‘that’s business’, we don’t.

But there’s an even better way to make profit from a packet of Coffee Scrub – sell people tap water.  Tap water is pretty cheap, if we could get (we wouldn’t!) say 60gms or more water into your pack we’d make an extra £4 for nothing!

Now, you use Coffee Body scrubs in the bath or shower – you’re already wet, you’re going to leave it on for at least 5 minutes so the coffee is getting all the water it needs from your skin – there’s no need to add any more, that’s just greedy and more than a little wrong.  If you want to pay £4 for 12 teaspoons of tap water that’s fine but it does cause one more serious problem, decay.

Once wet, microbes attack the coffee grounds.  Coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal properties, so do many other oils but they’re not enough.  To avoid the scrub rotting in the pack you’re going to have to add ‘preservatives’.  Those are the ‘nasties’ that they say they don’t add and yes, there are ways to hide them too.

Check the pack.  If the ingredients/contents contain ‘Aqua’ or ‘water’ – You know what you’re buying.  Your choice, Cuppa Joe contains NO added water – or even that posh stuff called ‘Aqua’.