Coconut oil is just coconut oil....Right? Nope, wrong.

Not all coconut oil is the same.  The cheapest come from plantations in the tropics and are harvested by poorly paid workers, some living in appalling conditions.  Pesticides and man-made fertilisers are systematically used in the coconut production.

Organic coconut oil is better, you are least know that no man-made chemicals were used growing the the 'nuts'.  Sadly it stops there.  The cheapest way to extract the oil is to chop up the coconuts and then add caustic chemicals to harvest the oil.  The flesh of the coconut is dissolved and the oil extracted using another combination of chemicals.  They can still be sold as 'organic' because they were grown 'organically' 

Better is 'cold pressed'.  Just like olive oil, the coconuts are pressed slowly to extract the oil.  No chemicals are used.  Even better is 'Extra Virgin' cold pressed.  Again just like olive oil this is the most time consuming process, expensive and produces the very best Coconut oil.

Cuppa Joe Body Scrubs only uses Fairtrade Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - it's the best, why compromise when it's for your skin?