A Mum to be......?

Coffee Scrubs and pregnancy…..?

Should you or shouldn’t you? 

Let’s face it, if you’re allowed to drink coffee whilst waiting for the little one to arrive, you can rub it on your skin.  Unless your Doc. has said otherwise it’s OK, so get in the shower and look after your skin.

Yeah, your skin absorbs the caffeine but compare to a mug of coffee it’s tiny – so no worries.  The benefits are huge.  The oils and caffeine will help your skin deal with the stretching and reduce possible scarring later.  That’s going to make you feel better and you’re going to send those happy thoughts to the little one.

BUT…Stick to Coffee & Coconut until the second and third trimester.  The only question mark lies over the use of essential oils and just talking about them opens up a huge debate.  CuppaJoe only uses CITRUS oils and the British NHS ‘generally’ considers them to be safe and the benefits to massively outweigh any risks.

Here are the NHS guidelines for midwives…


Importantly they emphasis the use of high quality oils – that’s so important and CuppaJoe only uses the very best.  Any impurity is a big no.

Why?  Your skin actively absorbs the oils and they enter your body.  In fact any chemical you use on your skin can enter your system.  It’s so important to read the LABELS, take a quick look at some of the products that are out there for your skin…Some of the ingredients you (well…me) can’t actually pronounce!  They are entering your body and passing through your liver and kidneys.

It’s the same with essential oils…Your baby will absorb the oils you put on your skin and in the first 3 months (first trimester) this is generally regarded as bad.  After that…ONLY citrus oils.

If you want naturally perfect skin…Use a natural product – If the ingredients have been made in a chemical refinery you simply know it’s not right.