Vitamin E and Coffee Scrubs


CuppaJoe DOESN'T add Vitamin E to it's Coffee Scrubs!  

What are they thinking!!

Well of course we do, there's huge amounts of it in all our scrubs - we just don't add Vitamin E oil. Why would we?  Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is packed with Vitamin E, way more than your skin could ever absorb, it's also packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, zinc and proteins...As well as minerals and other vitamins, making it perfect for your skin, hair and through absorption, your heart.  And let's face it, our Organic Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil are also packed with natural Vitamin E.

So why add Vitamin E Oil?  Well it sounds good - otherwise it's utterly pointless. Any producer of Coffee Scrubs KNOWS that so why do it..?  They rather hope YOU don't.  It's rather like adding water to a glass of water to make it more watery.  We'll let you decide what their motivation is.

We believe, actually we know - you've told us, that you buy Coffee Scrubs because they are Natural and honest, because you want to know and control what goes on your skin. So here's a thought...Our Sweet Almond Oil is Organic and cold pressed from the nuts of the Almond tree...Exactly what tree did the Vitamin E Oil come from?  Just how did they 'extract' the Vitamin E?  What chemical processes did they use....AND would they even tell us?  

CuppaJoe Body Scrubs....  We don't patronise, we just use Natural products.