So Why Coffee Scrubs?

First it's the Caffeine!  When used topically it stimulates blood flow....And that's a good thing!  Blood flow helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, scarring from acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.  Coffee is a great antioxidant and helps stop those conditions occurring - add in the Lipids with their natural alpha hyproxy acid to reduce wrinkles and we have the perfect natural skin care.

Acidity affects your skin.  Coffee has the same PH value as human skin, making a a neutral product to use topically.

The ground coffee is a Natural exfoliant and washes away dead and dry skin, encouraging new healthy skin.  We add Sea Salt, one of the great natural detoxifiers, to absorb toxins and leave your skin healthy and smooth.

Are all the ingredients Natural?

Everyone.  Our Coconut Oil is cold pressed, Extra Virgin.  It naturally moisturises your skin - it's about as perfect as it gets.  Our Sweet Almond Oils and Orange Oils are Pure too.  Mint and Peppermint Oils are organic as are our sugars.

What we DON'T use.

Man made chemicals.  You won't find BENZYL ALCOHOL in any of our products.  It's not nice stuff - sure, it increases shelf life...Has an OK smell...But it's aggressive and potentially very dangerous.  They use it to kill headlice!  You really want that on your skin?

You won't find the word 'Parfum' either.  WHY?  It could mean anything and usually does!  The aromas from Cuppa Joe are all natural, from the ingredients we use, why use chemicals to make them appear stronger?

Are Cuppa Joe Body Scrubs tested on animals?

NO Never - Won't ever happen!  Bunnies don't have cellulite.  We test everything on us, your lucky we have any to sell we use so much!

Sensitive Skin?

All our products are natural....But test on a small area first, just to be sure.  We've had no complaints yet.

Why Arabica Beans?

Arabica Beans are the finest coffee.  Robusta is used mainly for Instant Coffee and is cheap - about half the price of Arabica.  Robusta has been likened to having the smell and taste of burn tires.  Although it has more caffeine in than Arabica it is very low in Lipids and natual sugars - Arabica has 60% more.  It costs more...But then, you're worth it!