Cuppa Joe Body Scrub should be used in the Shower or bath, it works as a face mask too!

Jump in the shower and wet your skin for a few minutes, turn off the shower and grab a handful of Cuppa Joe and apply in a circular motion - target those problem areas.  Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes...Use this time to really massage the areas of your skin that just need a little more love.  Meanwhile all that Caffeine, Natural Oils and Lipids are going to do their stuff - You'll love it.

Now rinse off...And feel the glow!

Cuppa Joe Body Scrub works on the face....But if you find it a little rough, try our face scrub...Remember to allow time for the oils to do their stuff.

Reseal the bag to keep the freshness in!

How much to use?  A couple of handfuls should be fine, although you might want to target problem areas.

How often?  3 to 4 times a week is great...But the more time Cuppa Joe has targeting cellulite and stretch marks the better.

Should I moisturise after?  Cuppa Joe has all the natural moisturisers you should need, but if you want to that's OK too!  Remember though, Cuppa Joe Body Scrub exfoliates....So avoid alcohol products straight after your scrub. 

Always test an area of your skin first, 24 hours before use.

Please remember, we use Natural oils from nuts - So if you have a nut allergy this might not be the product for you.